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Kinnikinnick Native Plant Society

Focusing on native plants and conservation in North Idaho


  • to foster an understanding and appreciation of native flora and its habitats in the panhandle area of North Idaho,
  • to advocate the conservation of this rich natural heritage for future generations,
  • to encourage the responsible use of native plants in landscaping and restoration,
  • to educate youth and the general public in the value of the native flora and their habitats.








  About our logo:  Marilyn McIntyre, naturalist and artist, has created our colorful logo depicting the flower, leaves, and the fruit of the kinnikinnick plant.


Current Newsletter:

  (Sept/Oct 2017)


The Kinnikinnick Native Plant Society in conjunction with Sandpoint Parks and Recreation have monthly presentations at the Sandpoint Community Hall, 204 S. First Avenue. The meetings are held from 9:45 - 11:30 AM.


Saturday October 28th

Biological Control of Invasive Weeds – Newer Agents Being Reared

Paul Brusven is Coordinator of the Nez Perce Bio-control Center.

The presentation will focus on some of the newer biological control agents being reared specifically at the Nez Perce Bio-control Center and where the releases are going in the state of Idaho and beyond. Also, information will be shared on how the NPBC has increased its capacity to rear more biological control agents and its efforts to evaluate large landscapes for potential new releases. The talk will also show the results of continuous collaboration with all land managers in compiling agent release data annually to further agent/weed monitoring and conducting potential new research from past releases.