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Kinnikinnick Native Plant Society

Focusing on native plants and conservation in North Idaho


  • to foster an understanding and appreciation of native flora and its habitats in the panhandle area of North Idaho,
  • to advocate the conservation of this rich natural heritage for future generations,
  • to encourage the responsible use of native plants in landscaping and restoration,
  • to educate youth and the general public in the value of the native flora and their habitats.








  About our logo:  Marilyn McIntyre, naturalist and artist, has created our colorful logo depicting the flower, leaves, and the fruit of the kinnikinnick plant.


Current Newsletter:

  (Jan/Feb 2020)



KNPS Presentations

The Kinnikinnick Native Plant Society in conjunction with Sandpoint Parks and Recreation have monthly presentations at the Sandpoint Community Hall, 204 S. First Avenue. The meetings are held from 9:45 - 11:30 AM. The meetings are held on the 4th Saturday of each month, January through June and September through November.


Conservation Committee Meeting

Thur Jan 9th
Longshot Cafe, Boyer / Hwy 2 in Sandpoint
Everyone is welcome!
January 25, 2020, 9:45-11:30 am, at Sandpoint Community Hall

Native Plant Conservation and KNPS

Summary: One of our missions at KNPS is “to advocate the conservation of this rich natural [native plant] heritage for future generations.” This program will include a brief presentation and discussion of native plant conservation in our changing world, as climate and competition from invasive species increasingly impact our native plant ecosystems. We especially want to devote time to discussing how KNPS, through the leadership of the Conservation Committee, can be actively involved in native plant conservation issues in our area, such as through advocacy, participation in field surveys, or the re-introduction and maintenance of native plants and their habitats.

Preston Andrews is the current Program Coordinator and member of the Board of KNPS. He is an Emeritus Professor of Horticulture from Washington State University, where his research focused on sustainability and the environmental physiology of woody plants. He is active in citizen science and a volunteer for several local organizations. He has a keen interest in the adaption of native plants to human disturbance and a changing climate.

Ken Thacker is the current Board President of the Kinnikinnick Native Plant Society. He has lived, worked and played in the wild parts of the northern Rocky Mountain region for nearly 50 years. Since retiring from the Bureau of Land Management in 2004, Ken has been running a weed control business and is widely known by many people in the Sandpoint area only as “The Weed Guy.”

Phil Hough is a past president of KNPS and a former co-chair of their Conservation Committee. He is a member of the Idaho Panhandle Forest Collaborative and the North Idaho Resources Advisory Council. He also co-hosts a radio talk show on conservation and outdoor recreation on Sandpoint’s community radio station, KRFY. Phil is one of the founders and current Executive Director of the Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness, and a founding board member of the Idaho Trails Association.